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第一节 完形填空

Our family has had many different pets over the years. CC(my 7-year-old grandchild) has

always been very to all of them as she loves animals very much. When we there

was a shelter in the area that was run by just volunteers, she couldn't wait to get an excellent opportunity for her to learn about and care for many different animals. The animals in

the shelter would live at the center until they were . If it took months or a year for them to

find a home, it didn't matter.

CC learned that it took a lot of work and to take care of the animals. It was a lot more

work than she had (拖把)used to clean the rooms stood 3 feet taller than her. She

didn't mind, because she learned how important it was to keep cages for them. Her

favorites were the cats. The dogs her but she didn't shy away from doing what she could to

help them. We were to see such a caring side of her.

We wanted to show CC that her volunteer work at the center was nice to do. When

she was too tall for her bicycle, we decided to her a new one. We asked her if she wanted

to get a new bike before we went to the shelter. The shop was on the way and we could quickly do

that. But her was that we could always get a but the animals needcd to be

tended to . At a time when many children are considered uncaring about the world they

live in, this made us smile. Children learn from what adults take the time to them. In turn,

they often teach us the things in life that really matter the most.

l. A. polite B. kind C. similar D. strange

2. A. decided B. noticed C. concluded D. thought

3. A. involved B. persuaded C. mentioned D. awarded

4. A. appreciated B. collected C. learned D. adopted

5. A. determination B. confusion C. situation D. impression

6. A. raised B. found C. shown D. expected

7. A.wet B.warm C.big D.clean

8. A. frightened B. followed C. harmed D. respected

9. A. clever B. proud C. angry D. surprised

10. A. finally B. really C. fortunately D. regularly

11. A. build B.lend C. buy D. promise

12. A. mistake B. plan C. response D. expression

13. A. pet B. bike C. shop D. shelter

14. A. rapidly B. gradually C. first D. afterwards

15. A. leave B. see C. hear D. teach

第二节 语法填空

In April, I took part in a tree planting activity as a volunteer, together with my kids and my

wife. worked to plant 20,000 trees alongside thousands of other volunteers from

around the world came together through the online platform "Andrei's Country". I was

impressed to see how so many volunteers, most of whom were young, worked together to make

Romania a much (green) place to live in. The volunteering experience is unique

one as the area where we planted trees really needed the help of volunteers. Realizing the fact

Romania has experienced serious deforestation. I have decided that if there is any way I can

help repair the natural balance. I will do it without For me, this volunteering experience is a life lesson. Some people I met there as volunteers since they were little children, and they try best to make good things

happen and fight a better world.

It was such an amazing experience for me chat it made me realize that (volunteer)

has to be part of our day-to-day life.


第一节 阅读理解


My husband is not a big fan of kids, especially those without manners and those who


One of our neighbors has 3 childre:n and the oldest is Jacob. He was 5 at the time. For some

reason, he took a liking to my husband. Every time he saw him, Jacob would wave, dash across

the street and come to visit. Jacob would always ask so many questions. They would ride bikes

together. They really seemed to get along well.

My husband had a sick cat that died at that time. It literally broke his heart and he grieved

deeply for so long that even I was getting worried about him. He had no energy, cried and even

quit his bike riding.

Five-year-old Jacob immediately noticed and asked me what was wrong. I told him about the

loss of our cat and how my husband didn't want to ride, or visit his friends. Jacob listened carrfully

without a word and ran back home.

The next day, the door bell rang. There was Jacob and his mom with a huge plate of

homemade chocolate cookies. On top of that, Jacob had a huge paper card in his hand. Jacob's

mom explained, "Jacob came home yesterday and told me about your husband's situation. He

wanted to do something immediately to cheer him up and asked me to help him make chocolate

cookies with the material left at home." Jacob also asked his mom to write down a message on a

piece of paper so he could copy it in hts own handwriting. He drew a picture of my husband and

the cat on the card and signed his name.

I gave him a hug before he ran off to find his friend and present his gift. After they left, I

noticed tears in my husband's eyes. Five-year-old Jacob's thoughtfulness left a great impression

on him.

26. According to the passage, Jacob __________.

A. is five years old now B. liked cats very much

C. was a curious child D. didn't have many friends

27. Why did the writer's husband quit his bike riding?

A. Because he didn't want to ride with a child.

B. Because he spent too much time taking care of his cat.

C. Bccause he got hurt physically.

D. Because he was in a very sad mood.

28. Jacob made chocolate cookies to __________.

A. celebrate a special day B. cheer up the writer's husband

C. express his love for his mother D. share them with the writer

29. What was NOT on Jacob's card?

A. An image of a cat. B. A message.

C. An image of the writer. D. An image of the writer's husband.My,wife,and,i,have,been,together

30. How did the writer's husband feel after receiving the card and cookies?

A. Disappointed. B. Excited. C. Annoyed. D. Moved.


Several years ago, a student working on a research project in my laboratory approached me

with concern. "I'm doing something wrong," she exclaimed. I had seen her research results and

knew she was making good progress, so I was surprised to hear that she was having a problem.

Over the next several days we went through her experiment; yet I could not find a pmblem. Finally,

I asked her, "Why do you think you're doing something wrong?" "Because I'm not getting what

you said I should get," she replied with some confusion.

Her response shocked me. I had not told her what she "should get”, but we had discussed

some published hypotheses(假说) several weeks earlier. On seeing the research data that did not

fit these predictions, I recognized that she had a new finding and came to change my hypmheses.

But she was interpreting her results as a mistake. With almost four years of a college science

major behind her, this student still had the common misunderstanding that science is a boring

exercise in proving something we already know to be true.My,wife,and,i,have,been,together

But how can this happen? Throughout school, science is often described in textbooks as a

series of "known" facts and figures; for example, DNA is a double helix; earthquakes occur at

plate boundaries, etc. Unfortunately, the process by which these discoveries were made and how

they fit into scientific progress are often ignored in the classroom. These details help show the

nature of scientific discoveries and the skepticism (质疑) that goes with new discoveries before

they are accepted.

Understanding science is more than memorizing that DNA is a double helix. It is to have the

ability to take in new information on diet, exercise, or disease and apply it to our own lives.

Understanding the process of science and scientific problem-solving can help us make better

decisions every day.

31. The student thought her research project had gone wrong because __________.

A. she was not making progress B. her teacher told her so

C. she couldn't get enough data D. she had some unexpected findings

32. How did the writer feel when he found out the reason for the siudent's confusion?

A. Contused. B. Surprised. C. Excited. D. Pleased.

33. What is to blame for the siudent's misunderstanding about science?

A. Her own carelessness. B. Her teacher's lack of experience.

C. The method of science education. D. The publication of some wrong hypotheses.

34. According to the third paragraph, new scientific discoveries __________.

A. are based on what has already been proved true B. can change the world in a great way

C. are mostly proved wrong by later studies D. may not be easily accepted

35. What is the last paragraph mainly about?

A. The meaning of undcrsmnding science. B. How to use known facts.

C. The best way to make scientific discoveries.

D. How to use scientific knowledge in daily life.


I am the third daughter in a family of five. I was born at Malden hospital and was

immediately sent to Floating Hospital in Boston. I had a hole in my heart and a low platelet count

(血小板计数), which are common problems of people with TAR syndrome (综合症). I came

home for a short stay after my birth and then went back and did not return home until just before

Thanksgiving, My parents have told me that after I was hom our family doctor had a very

important conversation with them. He said, "You have two choices with your daughter. One is that

you do everything for her now, in the future, and after you die; the other is that you do nothing."

My parents picked the former.

I do not have a great many memories of my childhood but I do remember I spent the first ten

years in and out of hospitals. I do remember I stayed in the Boston hospital until I was around 2

years old and then I went to Shriners. I guess few children can bear that.

I've grown up with great determination. I think that was a personality trait that I was born me as I grew up. I had to deal with a lot of people

making fun of me, staring at me, and pitying me. At a young age I realized that I could hide my

pain with laughter. So I used that method when other children made fun of me and they stopped a

lot faster than if I cried. Laughter was not the expected response so I guess they didn t feel it was

fun to continue. There was emotional and physical pain. I required the aid of a walker until I was

about five years old. I had about ten major operations before the age of ten. I had to relearn to

walk several times. I think having TAR syndrome has made me a strong person physically and

emotionally. Despite these difficulties and challenges, I have gone on to be awarded a Master's

Degree and a black belt in Tae Kwon Do (跆拳道), and I am now an inspirational speaker.

36. From the first paragraph, we can learn that __________.

A. the writer's parents knew ahout her disease before she was born

B. the writer didn't go back home until she was two years old

C. the writer's parents found that they could do nothing for her

D. the writer's parents were brave enough to accept the cruel reality

37. What was the writer's childhood like?

A. It was hopeless. B. It was hard for her.

C. It was quite enjoyable. D. It was fun.

38. What does the underlined word "that" in Paragraph 3 refer to?

A The author's born disability. B. The author's childhood memory.

C. The author's great determination. D. The author's ability to deal with others.

39. When other children made fun of her, the writer would __________.

A. remain silent B. shout back C. laugh D. cry loudly

40. According to the passage, we can infer that __________.

A. the writer has a positive attitude towards life B. the writer does little exercise

C. the writer receives little education D. the writer doesn't like to show her true feelings


Authorities in India warn that the world-famous Taj Mahal desperately needs repairs. Some

say that this architectural landmark could eventually collapse (倒塌) unless efforts are made to

protect and preserve it.

The Taj Mahal, completed in the 17th century, was built in Agra, India, on the edge of the

Ydmuna River. The wooden foundation that holds up the building stays strong because of the environment around the river. If the river were to dry out, the wooden foundation could

crack and fall apart. Unfortunately, over the past decade, the Yamuna River has been shrinking,

especially during the summer months. This is partly because of overuse of the river water in daily

life and in industry.

Some officials have said the building may collapse in as little as five years. Other experts

disagree and question whether the building really faces any danger. Certain politicians and

historians, however, are pushing the government to begin preservation efforts, or work to repair

and take care of the building.

This is not the first time that the Taj Mahal has been threatened. In 1996, officials thought air

pollution was turning the building yellow. The Indian government ordered nearby factories to stop

burning coal or leave the area. The Taj Mahal was built by a former emperor of India in honor of his dead wife. Many

architects say the building is a masterpiece of symmetry. Symmetry is a visual technique where

the right side of an object looks the same as the left side of the object.

The Taj Mahal has been named as one of the Seven Wonders of the World, a list of amazing

human-made landmarks. The United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization

(UNESCO) lists the Taj Mahal as a World Heritage Site and helps preserve the hmous structure.

41. What would be the best title for the passage?My,wife,and,i,have,been,together

A. Taj Mahal, the symbol of Indian culture. B. Seven Wonders of the World.

C. History of the Taj Mahal. D. Trouble at the Taj Mahal.

42. The underlined word "moist" in Paragraph 2 probably means "__________".

A. slightly wet B. very cool C. smoky D. clean

43. We can learn from the third paragraph that __________.

A. no repair work has ever been done with the Taj Mahal

B. some experts believe the Taj Mahal doesn't need repairs

C. the government has decided to repair the Taj Mahal recently

D. the Taj Mahal will be closed within five years

44.What did the government do to protect the Taj Mahal from protection?

A. Cleabed the Yamuna River. B. Closed nearby factories.

C. Painted the building yellow. D. Asked nearby factories to stop burning coal.

45.According to the passage, the Taj Mahal __________.

A. has a history of more than 500 years B. was built in memory of a king

C. is of great architectural significance D. now belongs to the UNESCO


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