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- 选择成熟,驾驭城市核心
- 珍藏一座城市的建筑经典
- 2万平米的中央花园,收藏世界的生活

Chooses maturely,controls urban core to
collect a urban construction classics
20,000 square meters central gardens,the collection world life


英语作文 以 Postcard collecting 为题写一篇100字左右的作文
假如你是李冰,非常喜欢收藏明信片,请根据以下要求提示,以“Postcard collecting”为题写一篇短文介绍一下你的收藏明信片的爱好.
100字左右 短文至少包含以上三点提示,可适当发挥;

I am LiBing,i am very fond of collecting postcards.I like collecting postcards because collecting postcards can increase my knowledge and widen my sight of the world.I usually collecting postcards from my friends.They often send me postcards from another city on vacation.Other people who have seen my postcards always say that my postcards are very beautiful and full of colors.I am happy to hear that.But another people don`t think so.But no matter what,
I will collect more and more postcards and I will more and more like them.


Dear Angel,
My name is Frank.Thank you for visiting who-jesus-is.com
Thank you for your willingness to commit your life to Jesus Christ.This is the most important decision you will ever make.Today marks the beginning of a new life in Christ.
Hi,my name is Frank I have been assigned to assist you in your Journey with the Lord,I will be that one person you can email anytime for prayer or if you have questions on God’s Word.I will do my best to guide you in the ways of the Lord.
Let me encourage you with these words from Romans 10:13:"Everyone who calls on the name of the Lord will be saved." This tells us that because you asked Jesus into your life,in faith,He has forgiven your sins and given you a new life with a living hopes (1 Peter 1:3).Here are a few steps I want to encourage you to take.
1) Continue writing to me!I am a real person,with a heart for God and for people like you.I have been a follower of Christ for many years.Let me help you learn how to find God"s plan for each day of your life.I have found that following Christ is the most fulfilling and joyful.
2) I would be very happy to recommend a church in your city or neighborhood.When you celebrate your relationship with Jesus with other Christian brothers and sisters,you will be encouraged to continue on this new journey you are on.
3) Let me share with you a wonderful resource about your new life in Christ with this Bible Study lesson:"Your New Life."
Your New Life
You began a new life the moment you accepted Jesus Christ as your Savior.He is the giver of life-wonderful,rich and joyful life that never ends.This course explains what this new life is all about.
For more encouragement and inspiration,please visit Global Christian Center,where you will find an online Church Service and helpful resources for all ages.http://globalchristiancenter.com/
I look forward to your next email.Discovering this new life you have in Christ will be the best journey you have ever been on and it has a guaranteed happy ending!I believe you will find that God"s plan for each day of your life is very satisfying.The Bible says:"If anyone is in Christ,he is a new creation; the old has passed away,the new has come." 2 Corinthians 5:17.
May you know the joy of God"s love for you!God bless you!
P.S.You may gain access to many wonderful free tools and resources reserved for you at e-Responders.com.Simply click the link below or copy the URL into a web browser to activate your account.

点击这里创造你的用户名和passwordhttps:/ /www.e-Responders.com/signup/activate?theID=57674



Dave有十二个棒球,Anna有四个篮球,ken有两个英式足球,Martin有两个排球,emma有三个乒乓球。开头:here are five students" sports collections。。。。。。。。根据这些写一篇英语作文。。。

Hello everyone.Today I will show you what I did in last summer vacation.
My parents and I went to Qingdao on a sunny morning and arrived there at night.When I breathed the air in the city,I know I fell in love with it.Because the air in the city is very fresh and clean.
The next day,we went shopping,went swimming in the sea,went to the music square,watch the dophin shows and so on.The dolphins impressed me a lot.I think they are friendly and smart.
I think this city is so beautiful and mordern,I love it very much.



伦敦名胜 Some Great Wonders in London
London,the capital of British is a famous city with a long history and colorful cultures.There are some great wonders in London,such as Buckingham Palace,the British Museum,Big Ben,Tower Bridge,the Tower of London,Stonehenge,and so on.They are so wonderful and great.
Buckingham Palace is the place where the Queen lives in.There you can always see the guards.
The British Museum is a museum with human history and culture.There is a great deal of objects from all over the world in it.
Big Ben is one of the most famous clocks in the world.It"s the symbol of London.It"s 150 years old and it still works well.
Tower Bridge is a famous bridge over the River Thames in London.It"s close to the tower of London.Every day thousands of people use it to cross the river.
The Tower of London was once a prison for kings,queens and some important people,many of whom were executed here.But now,it"s just a historical site.Every day,many people come here and take pictures of it.
Stonehenge dates back to about five thousand years ago.The usage of it still remains a mystery.
What interesting sites in London.If I have a chance to go abroad,I"ll travel to that city.I am sure I will be joyous there.


Teens Talk
Lisa Black
Age 13
Mexico City, Mexico
“My favorite kind of music is salsa, and my favorite singer is Mare Anthony. Salsa is a kind of Latin music. Why do I like salsa? Well, it’s exciting. There’s always salsa music at our home. That’s because my parents love it— and because we live next to a salsa music store!”
Tom White
Age 14
New York City, USA
“What’s my favorite kind of music? I like all kinds of music, but my favorite is techno. It’s too cool! My brother hates techno— he thinks it’s terrible! He doesn’t understand it. But I understand his music either—he thinks country music is great!”
Linda Green
Age 13
Paris, France 
“My favorite kind of music is classical. My friends think I’m boring. but I think classical music is really cool. My mom and dad like classical too, and my dad has a great collation of classical CDs.”
小题1:Lisa Black likes salsa and she thinks it is ________.
A. exciting                B. terrible       C. boring
小题2:Tom White comes from_________.
A. Mexico City, Mexico     B. New York City, USA    C. Paris, France
小题3:Linda and her parents like music, and _________ has a great collation of classical CDs.
A. her brother             B. her mother             C. her father
小题4:Lisa Black is the same age as _________.
A. Linda Green           B. Tom White            C. Tom’s brother
小题5:The topic of today’s talk is about teen’s __________.
A. favorite collation       B. favorite music          C. favorite singer


小题1:根据表格第一行第二列““My favorite kind of music is salsa, and my favorite singer is Mare Anthony. Salsa is a kind of Latin music. Why do I like salsa? Well, it’s exciting.描述,可知丽萨喜欢萨尔萨舞曲,她认为它令人感到兴奋。故选A。
小题2:根据表格第二行第一列Tom White Age 14 New York City, USA 描述,可知汤姆怀特来自美国纽约。故选B。
小题3:根据表格第三行第二列my dad has a great collation of classical CDs.描述,可知琳达的父亲收藏了很古典音乐唱片。故选C。


资料一:北斗卫星导航系统(BeiDou(COMPASS)Navigation Satellite System)是中国正在实施的自主发展、独立运行的全球卫星导航系统.2012年12月27日,北斗系统在继续保留北斗卫星导航试验系统有源定位、双向授时和短报文通信服务基础上,开始向亚太大部分地区正式提供连续无源定位、导航、授时等服务.例如,轮船在茫茫大海上航行,飞机在广阔天空中飞翔,无论到了什么地方,人们都可以使用仪器精确地测定出它的经纬度,从而确定其位置.

故答案为:(1)140°E;    40°N;  140°W;   40°S;


王晓华男生于1992年6月15日家住东方市滨海路56号 三级B作文

Wang Xiaohua, male, born in June 15, 1992, she lives in the east coastal road No. 56, phone: 619018764, electronic mailbox wangxiaohua@163.com From 2006 September to 2009 July at New Oriental City the first middle school. From 2009 September to 2012 July in the east of Career Technical College, major in electrical technology. Winner of the 2010 2011 scholarship, and in 2011 passed the computer exam, obtain the certificate. 2012 January to April ABC internship at the company. Individual hobby is reading and travel 百度的 不谢



界最大高原———巴西高原 世界最狭长山脉——安第斯山脉 世界流量最大河——亚马孙河 世界最长河——尼罗河 世界最大淡水湖———苏必利尔湖 世界最高峰————珠穆朗玛峰 世界最小国家——梵蒂冈 世界密度最大国家——摩纳哥 世界产量黄金最多国家——南非 世界最低温————南极东方站-89C. 世界最高铁路———青藏铁路


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