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完形填空 Every one of us wants to study English 1 and make great progress in studying English. But the most important thing 2 we should have better ways of studying. Last term Wang Fei was very poor in English and failed 3 each exam. Because he didn’t like practising 4 . He just 5 two hours a day looking up every new word in the dictionary. Of course he couldn’t remember them. Since this term he 6 to study English in the new way his teacher taught him. He learns new words in phrases and sentences. 7 he reads aloud every day for 8 an hour. He pays 9 attention(注意)to the pronunciation(发音), spelling, writing and so on. He tries to speak English 10 he can. Little by little he finds himself really improving in English.

I hope Wang Fei’s experience will help you a lot.

( )1. A. good B. well C. nice D. lessons

( )2. A. will be B. is C. was D. be

( )3. A. at B. in C. on D. to

( )4. A.to read loudly B.of reading aloud C.reading aloudD.read loud

( )5. A. spends B. took C. spent D. cost ( )6. A. tries B. tried C. has tried D. trying ( )7. A. In home B. At the home C. By home D. At home ( )8. A. about B. at most C. at last D. in end ( )9. A. a lot of B. many C. many a D. more

( )10.A.so much as B. as many as C.so much as to D.as much as



Once upon a time there was a wise man that used to go to the ocean to do his writing. He had the of walking on the beach before he began his work.

One day he was walking along the the beach, he saw a human moving like a dancer. He smiled to himself at the of someone who would dance on the beach. So he began to walk faster to As he got 6 , he saw that it was a young man and the

young man wasn‟t dancing, but he was reaching down to the shore, something very gently and throwing it into the .

As he got closer he ,“Good morning!What are you doing?”

The young man paused, up and replied, “Throwing starfish in the ocean.” “I I should have asked, why are you throwing starfish in the sea?”

“This sun is 13 and the tide is going out. And if I don‟t throw them in they‟ll 14 .”

“But, young man, don‟t you that there are miles and miles of beach and starfish all along it? You can‟t possibly make a 16 !”

The young man listened . Then he bent down, picked another starfish and threw it into the sea, the breaking waves and said, “It really mattered for that one.”

There is something very 19 in each and every one of us. We have all been 20 with the ability to make difference. And if we can become aware of that gift, we will gain through the strength of our visions the power to shape the future.

We must each find our starfish. And if we throw our starfish wisely and well, the world will be blessed. 1. A. chance B. custom C. habit D. way 2. A. shore B. road 3. A. character B. figure 4. A. sight B. dream 5. A. get along B. run after 6. A. closer 7. A. then 8. A. handing out 9. A. ocean 10. A. cheered up

B. farther B. instead B. looking for B. river B. called out

C. street C. shadow C. thought C. hurry up C. opposite C. picking up C. field C. pointed out C. called C. consider

D. river D. being

D. imagination D. catch up D. actually D. finding out D. darkness D. held out D. raised D. guess

C. backward D. apart

11. A. looked B. turned 12. A. forget B. remember 13. A. up 14. A. flee 15. A. find 16. A. difference 17. A. carelessly 18. A. into 19. A. special 20. A. provided

B. down B. disappear C. out D. away C. die D. rot

D. watch D. try

D. excitedly

B. realize C. discover B. change C. success B. angrily C. politely

B. under C. past D. on

B. common C. useful D. interesting B. gifted C. made D. supplied

It turned out to be one of the best nights for all of us, and it was all my 4-year-old boy wanted to hear the music as well. 1. A. take

B. have

C. fetch

D. manage D. searching D. team together D. usable D. surprise D. on D. return D. with D. deal D. fans

2. A. buying 3. A. calm down 4. A. available 5. A. choice 6. A. around 7. A. purchase 8. A. to 9. A. start 10. A. takers

B. seeing

B. sit together B. affordable B. pleasure B. over B. offer B. of B. bear

C. seeking C. settle down C. accessible C. luck C. back C. charge C. for C. do

B. owners C. consumers

11. A. place B. hall 12. A. So B. As 13. A. paying attention to

C. taking care of 14. A. refused 15. A. wealthier

C. direction D. concert C. when D. Which B. looking forward to

D. making preparations for C. responded C. greater C. son C. help C. title

C. period C. though

D. admitted D. politer D. home D. guarantee D. idea D. opportunity D. because

B. accepted B. better

16. A. ticket B. chance 17. A. accompany B. assure 18. A. topic

19. A. success 20. A. why

B. theme B. time B. if


Recently, I heard a touching story which illustrates(阐明)the power that words have to change a life ─ a power that lies right the hands of those reading this article. Mary had grown up knowing that she was 2 from the other kids, and she hated it. She was born with a cleft palate(颚裂)and had to the jokes and stares of cruel children who her non-stop about her misshaped lip, crooked nose, and garbled(被混淆的)speech. With all the teasing, Mary grew up the fact that she was “different”. She was that no one, outside her family, could ever love her ... 7 she entered Mrs. Leonard's class.

Mrs. Leonard had a warm smile, a round face, and shiny brown hair. While everyone in her class liked her, Mary love Mrs. Leonard. At that moment, it was common for teachers to give their children an 9 hearing test. However, in Mary‟s case, in addition to her cleft palate, she was 10 able to hear out of one ear. not to let the other children have another “difference” to point the test each year. The “whisper test” was by having a child walk to the classroom door, turn 14 , close one ear with a finger, and then repeat something which the teacher 15 . Mary turned her bad ear towards her teacher and to cover her good ear. She knew that teachers would often say things 17 , “The sky is blue,” or “What color are your shoes?” 18 not on that day. Surely, God put seven words in Mrs. Leonard‟s mouth that Mary‟s life forever. When the “Whisper test” came, Mary heard the words: “I you were my little girl.” 1. A. on

B. to


C. in

D. down D. free D. see D. astonished D. appreciate D. convinced D. after D. came out D. annual D. quite D. Determined D. up D. carried D. round D. spoke D. pretended D. alike D. So D. changed D. demand

2. A. similar 3. A. play 4. A. teased 5. A. liking

B. different B. tell B. pleased B. hating B. conceived B. when B. came in B. weekly B. hardly B. Wanted B. at B. given B. over

C. absent C. bear

C. frightened C. preferring C. convincing C. until C. came on C. monthly C. rather C. Minded C. out C. failed C. back

6. A. believed 7. A. since 8. A. came to 9. A. daily 10. A. almost 11. A. Decided 12. A. to 13. A. passed 14. A. sideways 15. A. shouted 16. A. promised 17. A. like 18. A. And 20. A. hope

B. cried B. proposed B. as B. However B. took B. wish


C. whispered C. preferred C. that C. But

19. A. risked C. made C. suggest

Last week I was invited to a doctor‟s meeting at the Ruth hospital for incurables. In one of the wards a patient, an old man, got up shakily from his bed and moved towards me. I could see that he hadn‟t long to 1 ,but he came up to me and placed his right foot close to mine on the floor.

“Frank!” I cried in astonishment. He couldn‟t the time foot against mine.

My raced back more than thirty years- to the days of 1941,

when I was a student in London. The 6 was an air-raid shelter, in which I and about a hundred other people slept every night. Two of the regulars were Mrs West and her son Frank.

wartime problems, we shelter-dwellers got to other very well. Frank West me because he wasn‟t 10 , not even at birth. His mother told me he was 37 then, but he had 11 of a mind than a baby has. His “” consisted of rough sounds—sounds of pleasure or anger and more. Mrs West, then about 75, was a strong, capable woman, as she had to be of course, because Frank on her entirely. He needed all the 15 of a baby.

One night a policeman came and told Mrs West that her house had been flattened by a 500-pounder. She 16 nearly everything she owned. When that sort of thing happened, the rest of us helped the 17 ones. So before we that morning, I stood beside Frank and my right foot against his. They were about the same size. That night, then, I took a pair of shoes to the shelter for Frank. But as soon as he saw me, he came running and placed his right foot against mine. After that, his 20 to me was always the same. 1. A. work B. stay C. live D. expect 2. A. answer B. speak C. smile D. laugh 3. A. covering 4. A. minds 5. A. better 6. A. cave 7. A. Discussing 8. A. learn from 9. A. needed 10. A. normal 11. A. more 12. A. laugh 13. A. not 14. A. fed 15. A. attention

B. moving C. fighting D. pressing B. memories C. work D. brains B. dark C. younger B. place C. sight B. Solving C. Sharing B. talk to C. help B. common C. unusual B. worse C. fewer B. speech C. sentence B. no C. something

D. happy D. scene D. Suffering D. know D. old D. less D. mind D. nothing

B. recognized C. interested D. encouraged

B. kept C. lived D. depended B. control C. treatment D. management

16. A. lost B. needed C. destroyed D. left

17. A. troublesome B. unlucky C. angry D. unpopular 18. A. separated

B. went C. reunited D. returnedevery,one,of,us,完形

19. A. pushed B. tried C. showed D. measured 20. A. nodding B. greeting C. meeting D. acting

Christmas was an exciting season for my six-year-old son. For weeks, he‟d been memorizing for the “Winter Ceremony” in his kindergarten class. I went to 2 their rehearsal(排演).

As I waited, students were led into the room. Each class, by their teacher, sat cross-legged on the floor. Then, each group, one by one to perform their song. I didn‟t expect anything other than fun.

My son‟s class rose to sing “Christmas Love”. Those in the front row on the center stage held up large 5 , one by one, to spell out the 6 of the song. When the class sang: “C is for Christmas,” a child would hold up the

letter C. then another would hold up “H” for Happy, and on and on, presenting the 8 message, “Christmas Love”.

The performance was going row holding the letter “M” upside down—totally 11 that her letter “M” appeared as a “W”. The audience began to laugh at this little girl‟s 12 . But she had no idea that they were laughing at her, so she stood tall, holding her “W”. many teachers tried to quiet the children, the continued until the last letter was raised, and we all saw it together. A 16 came over the audience and eyes began to 17 . In that instant we understood the why we were there, and even though it was such a busy holiday, there was a(n) for celebrating Christmas. When the letter was held high, the message read loud and clear: “CHRIST WAS LOVE”. And I believe that this is why Christmas is so important. 1. A. songs 2. A. direct 3. A. led 4. A. stood 5. A. letters 6. A. topic 7. A. when 8. A. exact

B. message B. celebrate B. accompanied B. turned B. words B. title B. after B. complete B. happily B. middle B. unknown B. play B. proudly

C. texts C. design C. looked C. rose C. names C. idea C. until C. proper C. heatedly C. left C. unaware C. mistake C. clearly

D. performance D. attend D. pulled D. came D. boards D. theme D. while D. right D. joyfully D. front

D. recognizing D. joke D. bravely

9. A. smoothly 10. A. back 11. A. ignoring 12. A. action 13. A. highly

14. A. Unless B. As 15. A. performance B. laughter 16. A. fear 17. A. widen 18. A. cause 19. A. purpose 20. A. seventh

B. worry B. close B. reason B. excuse B. middleevery,one,of,us,完形

C. Although D. In spite of C. audience D. message C. pride C. rise C. way C. reward C. last

D. silence D. wink D. place D. song D. full



完形填空 1

When I was a law professor, a student reported that I made an error in grading his exam by giving him too many points. He was right , and after thanking him for his honesty, I changed the grade in my . His beaming face turned to shock. “You’re my grade?” he said angrily. “I would never have come in if ……”

He didn’t finish the sentence , but it was obvious that his display of honesty was thought he’d have it all—praise and the higher grade.

Several colleagues thought I should have let the higher grade because all I’d accomplished was to discourage him from being honest in the future. And every time I tell this story some people agree with this

But I can’t see how I could give good reason for worsening my in grading by undermining (损害) the honesty of all my grades by failing to correct an error. The grade itself would be a dishonest of his knowledge and it would have been How could I give a student a gift of an unearned grade?

I know reporting an error in one’s favor is unusual, but, like too much change, it’s clearly the right thing to do. People of character, those with real honesty, hate to give upas much as anyone else. The difference is that for them a good conscience and reputation is enough to give reason for the cost of doing the right thing.

Perhaps lowering the student’s grade did him from being honest in the future, but bribing (贿赂) him to be honest so that he does the right thing when it’s cost-free would have 1. A. files B. books C. records D. notes

2. A. lowering B. correcting C. changing D. making

3. A. good B. false C. special D. impressive

4. A. remove B. change C. stand D. add

5. A. remark B. complaint C. praise D. achievement

6. A. crime B. mistake C. doubt D. guilty

7. A. reaction B. sense C. sign D. reflection

8. A. unfair B. cruel C. tough D. funny

9. A. reluctantly B. responsibly C. impossibly D. impatiently

10. A. actively B. secretly C. voluntarily D. curiously

11. A. receiving B. paying C. earning D. returning

12. A. benefits B. honors C. awards D. gifts

13. A. pleasure B. reward C. content D. honor

14. A. protect B. influence C. discourage D. separate

15. A. improved B. encouraged C. blamed D. ruined


When times become difficult, remember a moment in your life that was filled with joy and through any trial.

When life throws you one more obstacle you think you can handle, remember something you achieved through (persevere) and by struggling to the end. In doing so, you will find you have the ability (overcome) each obstacle in our path.

exhausted , remember to find a place to rest.

Take you will be ready to face each new day.

When you feel tension (build), find something fun to do. You’ll find that the stress you feel will fade away and your thoughts will become clearer.

When you (face) with so many negative and draining situations, and you view your life a whole and remember the positive things, you will realize how small problems may seem.


We don’t need to be a great philanthropist(慈善家)just to extend our hands to others. We don’t need to go to some places just to give help. Every one of us can do good things and we

I remember one time meeting an old lady with a cane(拐杖) when I the zebra and I bid her good bye with my cares. I felt so happy enough little gesture. I know that's a small thing but it made me happy somehow. us happy. To do small good things is better than nothing. Even the most smallest of the little good things you can do is really enough to make your day happy.

1. A. need B. wait C. ask D. refuse

2. A. rewarded B. praised C. measured D. calculated

3. A. real B. comfortable C. reliable D. sincere

4. A. sadness B. happiness C. weakness D. illness

5. A. mending B. making C. lending D. buying

6. A. hungry B. tired C. lonely D. ugly

7. A. used B. explained C. connected D. compared

8. A. sorrow B. kindness C. pity D. energy

9. A. approached B. avoided C. feared D. waited

10. A. destroy B. mark C. cross D. stand

11. A. satisfied B. annoyed C. depressed D. scared

12. A. dangerous B. safe C. brave D. upset

13. A. thanked B. impressed C. ignored D. interrupted


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