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英语作文my family rules家庭规则。

My parents are very strict.Because I have so many family rules.

For example,i can't go out with my friends at school nights.On weekends, i have to go home before nine p.m. It's strict, but i think it's necessary.

And i must finish my homework in time. I can't play computer games. I have to wash clothes by myself.

I have to get up at six o'clock every morning.And i have to be in bed by ten o'clock.

Thanks to these rules.I can live health.But i think to be in bed by ten o'clock is unfair! Students need nine hours sleep!

And i think play some computer games is not badly. Soi think the family rules can make some change.



举例来说,夜晚我不能去我的朋友在学校.在周末,我回家之前, 9时有严格的,但我认为这是必要的。





晚上回家不能晚过8点Go home at night not later than eight points

早上家人互相问好Morning say hello. Each other family

每个人要勤干家务Everyone should work frequently do housework

每天早晨都要锻炼Every morning exercise

吃完晚饭要洗自己的饭碗After dinner, shall wash his bowl

每天都要穿校服Every day must wear school uniforms

走廊内禁止跑跳The corridor is forbidden in the running and jumping

同学之间互相团结Students unite我的家规和校规英语作文

每天认真做间操Every day do room fuck

不随手扔垃圾Do not throw rubbish everywhere

第二篇:《小学英语作文:家规 Family Rules》

小学英语作文:家规 Family Rules

In order to helpme grow healthily, my parents make some family rules. First, we must honest toothers. Honesty is the basic character of a person. Second, we should take ourresponsibilities. My duty is study now, so I must work hard for it. Third, weshould be thankful to the life. It will help us to love ourselves and others. Myparents always tell me to remember these rules. And I will remember themalways.



Unit 1


要求:1. 语句通顺,书写工整


3. 词数:60-80

(提示词语:go to Chinese classes, make friends, listen to the radio, dictionary, useful, read我的家规和校规英语作文

Chinese stories, talk with, difficult, ask a Chinese teacher for help„)

Dear Frank,

How’s it going? I miss you.

I know you want to learn Chinese now. I have some good ideas. First, you can go to Chinese

classes and make Chinese friends. Then, you must listen to the radio in the morning, and read


Chinese stories. It's good for your listening and speaking. If you see some words you can't

understand, you can by looking up dictionary. It's useful for you. Maybe, you can ask a Chinese

teacher for help.

I hope you can speak Chinese well.

Friend, XXX

假如你叫张华,你的笔友李林在学习英语中遇到了困难,给他发一封e-mail, 向他提供几


要求:1. 词数80-100


Dear Li Lin,

I know it isn’t easy to learn English well, but I have some suggestions that help. You said you

couldn’t understand people when they talked fast. Well why don’t you join an English club? You

can get much listening practice there. Having conversations with friends is helpful, and also you

can watch English-language TV. It’s the best way to improve your English. I believe you’ll be

good at English if you work hard at it!


Zhang Hua

Unit 2


要求:1. 词数80左右

2. 条理清楚,语意连贯

My life changed much. When I was in primary school, I used to study four subjects, but now I

have seven subjects. I used to like math, but now I find it so difficult for me. I used to like tests,

but now hate them. When I was young, there was little homework every day. So I had much time

to play. But now I’m a middle school student. I have to study hard for tests.

Unit 3



Be allowed Be not allowed

Bring drinks to school Bring mobile phones to school Bring dictionaries to school Run in the hallway

Play basketball Come late to school

Run and do other exercises Get the ears pierced

Different schools have different rules. We also have many rules at school. Students are not allowed to bring mobile phones to school because they can make a lot of noise. But we can bring drinks and dictionaries to school. We’re not allowed to run in the hallway because it is dangerous. But we can play basketball, run and do other exercises on the playground after class. Coming to school late and getting the ears pierced are not allowed in our school. Could you please tell me what your school rules are?

Unit 4


Dear Yang Fen,

Now I am new here. I can’t understand what the English teacher says, and I am afraid of talking with the classmates here. But the biggest problem for me is that I can’t sleep the night before a big exam. Could you help me?

Yours, Wang Li 要求:请根据王林的困难,运用以下句型给出建议。80词左右。开头和结尾已给出,不计入总词数。

You should… Why don’t you… If I were you, I would… Dear Wang Lin,

I’m glad to hear from you. I have some suggestions that may help you.

First, you said you couldn’t understand what the English teacher said. Well, you can try to listen for the most important words, not every word. And after class you should do more listening practice.我的家规和校规英语作文

Second, you may feel shy to talk with your new classmates. Well, you can try to talk to someone who looks friendly.

Lastly, don’t be afraid of exams. If I were you, I would drink some milk and have a good sleep to face the next day’s exams.

I hope you will do better in English and get along well with your new classmates.

Yours, Yang Fen

Unit 5


要求:1. 书信格式要正确。 3. 80词左右。

2. 运用以下句式进行推测:

She might … It is possible that…

Dear Lucy,

I’m sorry to hear that your pet dog, Mary, has been lost for several days. You needn’t worry

about her. She might be trying to find out the way home now. Or she might meet a kind person and be sent to the police station. And also it is possible that she is playing somewhere with some other dogs.

I think she will come back home sooner or later.

Best wishes!

Yours, Mike

Unit 6

请你以“My favorite Singer”为题,写一篇短文。


My Favorite Singer

Zhou Jielun is my favorite singer, I like him very much. His English name is Jay Chow, it sounds so funny in Chinese pronunciation. He is a talented boy. Why? Because he can make music by himself, not by others. And also he knows a lot about music. I can sing many songs of his, for examples, Longquan, Yifuzhiming, Xingqing.


Music is very important in our life. It can make us relaxed when we are under too much pressure. It can also express our feelings about everything. When we’re excited, we sing or listen to music and dance to music. When we’re sad, we listen to some light music, it can cheer us up. Music is with us all the time. Beautiful music can make us love the world more. I like popular music very much. And my favorite music band is the Flower Band. They are dancing while singing. Every time when I listen to them sing, I always can’t help dancing. I like their singing lifestyle.

I like music, and my life is full of music.

Unit 7

假如你的外籍教师Miss Green要到海南岛度假。请给她写封信,介绍海南岛的一些情况。80词左右。



1. 海南岛的地理位置、天气情况;

2. 海南岛度假的活动内容:钓鱼、游泳、潜水、冲浪、享受海滩和阳光等;

3. 必备物品:太阳镜、雨伞、太阳帽、游泳衣等。

Dear Miss Green,

A trip to Hainan Island is the best choice for your winter holiday.

Hainan Island lies in the south of China where the weather is quite warm even in winter. There are different kinds of activities for fun there. You can go fishing, swimming, diving, and surfing every day if you like. You can stay on the white beach, relaxing and enjoying the sunshine. And remember to take sunglasses, a sunhat, an umbrella and a swimsuit with you.

I hope what I have written will be of some help to you. Enjoy yourself there.


Zhang Ming

Unit 8

假如你是张亚,参加了学校上周六“环保俱乐部(Saving the Environment Club)组织的志愿者活动。其内容包括:张贴海报、分发广告、打扫街道、打扫公园等。


Dear Bruce,

I am a volunteer in Saving the Environment Club of my school. Last Saturday, I did some volunteer work with other volunteers.

Some of us put up posters. Some handed out advertisements. Others swept the streets. We also helped clean up the city parks. When we finished all the work, we were very tired but felt very happy at the same time. I think it’s fantastic to be a volunteer.

What do you think of volunteering? Please write back soon!

Yours, Zhang Ya

Unit 9

发明创造改变了世界。不少青少年都梦想成为一名发明家。你们应该怎样做才能实现这样的梦想呢?请根据下面的要点提示,以“How to become an inventor”为题,写一篇80词左右的短文,谈谈你的观点。

要点提示:1. Learn a lot.

2. Have an interest.

3. Be creative.

4. Never give up.

How to be an inventor

As a middle student, I think we need to do the following things to become an inventor.

First, we must study hard to get more knowledge. It’s impossible for us to invent anything without knowledge. Second, we should have an interest in inventing. When we are interested in something, we can do it well. Third, we need to be creative. We should always come up with new ideas. Most importantly, we should keep on and never give up.

Unit 10

今天是你最不幸的一天。昨天晚上因为„所以今天早晨起床„起床后发现没有„当你匆忙跑到车站时„当你跑到学校时听见老师已经„在教室里坐下后又发现没带„放学到家时又不能进门因为„请根据所给信息以My Most Unlucky Day为题,写一篇80词左右的文章。

My Most Unlucky Day

Today is my most unlucky day. Yesterday I had a lot of homework to do, so I stayed up too late last night. And today my clock didn’t go off, so I got up too late. After I got up, I found my bike was broken. Then I ran to the bus stop. Unfortunately, by the time I reached there, the bus had left. When I got to school, the teacher had begun her class. When I sat at my seat, I realized I had left my backpack at home. At noon I wanted to have lunch, and I found I had no money. After school, I couldn’t go into my room because I had left my keys at school.

What an unlucky day it is!





















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