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Green invaders are taking over America. Nope, not invaders from space. Plants. You might not think of plants as dangerous, but in this case they are threatening nature's delicate food web.

The invaders are plants from other countries brought here to make gardens and yards look pretty. Ever since people started to arrive on America's shores, they've carried along trees, flowers, and vegetables from other places.

Now there are so many of those plants, they are crowding out the native plants that have lived here since before human settlers arrived.

And that's a problem, says Dr. Doug Tallamy. He's an entomologist (an insect expert) at the University of Delaware. He explains that almost all the plant-eating insects in the United States—90% of them—are specialized. That means they eat only certain plants.

Pretty orange and black monarch butterflies, for example, can only dine on one plant: milkweed. If people cut down milkweed and replace it with something else, the butterflies starve, because their bodies cannot accept any other food.

But the trouble doesn't stop there, it goes right across the food web. When insects can't get the right plants to eat and they die off, then the

birds don't have enough bugs for their meals. Tallamy points out that almost all migrating birds depend on insects to feed their young.

"We cannot let the plants and animals around us disappear, " says Tallamy. "The way to preserve them is to give them food to eat. But when we plant non-native plants, we are clobbering the food web, because then we don't have the insects the birds need to live."

Fewer of the right plants mean fewer bugs, and fewer bugs mean fewer birds.

And that's bad for the Earth, because we need a variety of living things to keep the planet healthy and beautiful.

The good news is, gardeners everywhere are working hard to protect native plants and get rid of the invaders. Many local garden centers sell native plants.

"Just Google 'native plants' and your location, and you can find out which plants really belong where you live, " says Tallamy.

Planting the right things makes a real difference, and fast. He describes planting milkweed in a tiny city courtyard about the size of a living room one spring. By summertime, that milkweed patch had produced 50 new monarch butterflies!

Tallamy encourages kids to go out and plant native plants. "Adopt a bird species in trouble and see if you can plant some things that will attract the insects they need, " he suggests. "It will happen—insects move

around a lot, and they will find the plants you put out there for them!"




这是一个问题,特拉华大学昆虫学家(昆虫专家)Tallamy博士说,在美国,几乎90 %吃植物的昆虫都是职业的。也就是说,他们只吃特定的植物。

例如漂亮的橙色和黑色君主蝴蝶,它们只会吃一种植物:milkweed 。如果人们将milkweed砍锄或同其它植物一起移植的话,这些蝴蝶便会饿死,因为它们的身体接受不了任何其它食物。


“我们不能让身边的植物和动物消失了, ” Tallamy 说 “能够保护它们的方法就是给它们提供食物。但是,当我们种植非本地植物时,我们也是在破坏自然界的食物网,因为我们并没有得到鸟类赖以生存

的昆虫。 ”


令人欣慰的是,各地的园林者们正在努力的保护本土植物来摆脱侵入种的破坏。许多当地的花园中心都在出售原生植物。 “在谷歌网上收索„本土植物和所属地域‟,你就可以找出真正属于你居住地的植物了。”Tallamy说道。


Tallamy鼓励孩子们走出去,种植本土植物。 “收养一只陷入困境的鸟类,并且观察一下,如果你能种植吸引鸟类所需昆虫的植物时,会发生什么。”他建议说道。“这一定会发生,因为昆虫在不停的移动,他们一定会找到你为他们种植的植物! ”


In Western countries people have been using the installment plan since the first half of the twentieth century. Today, a large proportion of all the families in Great Britain buy furniture, household goods and cars by installment. In the U.S.A., the proportion is much higher than in Great

Britain, and people there spend over 10 percent of their income on the installment plan.

The goods bought on the installment plan are, in almost every case, goods that will last—radios, television sets, washing machines, refrigerators, motorcars, motorcycles, and furniture.

The price of an article bought in this way is always higher than the price that would be paid by cash. There is a charge for interest. The buyer pays a proportion, perhaps one - quarter or one - third, of the price as a down payment when the goods are delivered to him. He then makes regular payments, weekly or monthly, until the full price is paid up. The legal ownership of the goods remains with the seller until the final payment has been made.

Installment buying has advantages and disadvantages. In the past, it was easy to find couples who had been saving for years in order to furnish their homes. Now, they don‟t have to do that. Installment buying can help couples with small incomes to furnish their homes and start housekeeping. It increases the demand for goods, and in this way helps business and employment.

There is, however, the danger that when business is bad, installment buying may end suddenly, making business much worse. This may result in a great increase in unemployment. If the people on the installment plan lost their jobs, they would probably not be able to make their payments. If

第二篇:《2015长春二模 吉林省长春市普通高中2015届高三质量监测(二)英语答案》





第一部分 听力(共两节,共20小题;每小题1.5分, 满分30分)


Text 1

M: You are late again. Miss Smith. Don’t you have a watch or something?

W: Yes, I thought that I had set the alarm clock for 7 o’clock, but it rang an hour later.

Text 2

W: Would you mind if I opened the window?

M: Of course not. It’s really hot in the room. Open the window to let in more fresh air.

Text 3

M: Where to, Miss?

W: Please drop me off at the King’s Department Store.

M: On the west side?

W: No, the east side, near the post office.

Text 4

W: Hello. This is Kate from the Rainbow Hotel. Is Jimmy at home?

M: No. He is in the lab, but he will be back home at 4 o’clock.

Text 5

W: I’m going to the store. What would you like me to buy for you?

M: Would you please buy a wallet for me while you are there?

W: With pleasure.

Text 6

W: How do you usually spend your evenings?

M: I usually study. But if there’s a new film on TV, I watch that instead.

W: How about weekends?

M: I usually do some washing and cleaning in the morning. In the afternoon I like to go out to do

some shopping or visit some friends.

W: Do you often go to parks or to ball games?

M: Sometimes, but not often.

Text 7

M: Look! Someone is celebrating his birthday.

W: This must be his 21st birthday. No doubt about it.the,first,day,of,school,our,professor

M: Why? Do you know that guy?

W: No. Well, in America, 21 is the age when you’re allowed to drink. So, many guys celebrate it in


M: That’s interesting. But it would be really expensive, I suppose. Just think about all the drinks.

W: No. If it’s your birthday, then you don’t need to pay a cent. Just blow out the candles and open

the gifts. That makes the birthday a special day. Your friends will take care of everything.

M: Wow, that’s wonderful.


Text 8

W: Jim has been here for years. Do we have to fire him?

M: Well, in face of the crisis, we have to cut jobs. Besides, with the new machine, we don’t need


W: Is there anything else he can do around here?

M: Nothing, I’ve checked. I have no other choices.

W: Maybe you’re right. OK, I’ll tell Jim.

M: No, Sara. I need to talk to him myself. It was I who asked him to work here.

W: But it might be easier for me to talk to him than for you.

M: No, thanks, Sara. You don’t know what it’s like to be fired.

W: You, a general manager, know what it’s like?

M: Yes. I was 30 years old at the time, working in a big company. One morning, I found an

announcement on my desk. It said, “Clear your office by noon today.” No explanation, no apology,

no thanks for a job well done.

W: That really hurts.

Text 9

W: Excuse me, sir, but we’re doing a survey on what people prefer to do on holiday. Do you mind if I

ask you a few questions?

M: No, not at all. Please go ahead.

W: How often do you go on holiday?

M: I generally have a two-week holiday a year.

W: And what do you prefer to do when you are on holiday?

M: Well, I don’t usually visit my family. We live quite close and I can see them any time. But I do like

to visit museums and art galleries, especially if there’s a special exhibition on. I don’t like to stay

at home, although my parents do. You know, in the morning I prefer to sit under the tree,

listening to birds.

W: Do you ever travel overseas?

M: No, I don’t. It’s too expensive for me.

W: What about your wife?

M: She loves to visit the coast in the afternoon. So if the weather’s good, we often go swimming in

the sea, or maybe just lie on the beach and enjoy the sun.

W: OK. Well, thank you very much for your time.

Text 10

Welcome to Guide Dogs Training Center, boys and girls! First let me tell you something about

guide dogs.

In 1918 a doctor and his pet dog walked with a soldier who was blind. The doctor went in the

hospital for a short time. When he came out, he saw his pet had guided the soldier on the other

side of the hospital yard safely. So he taught a dog to guide a person and it worked out well.

Germany helped start a program to teach dogs to be guides.

Dorothy, an American woman, went to Germany to find out more about the guide dogs. When

she came back to the United States, she wrote about it in a magazine. Soon more people knew

about the guide dogs.

The best dogs for the job are clever and fit. It takes more than 2 years to train a little dog to be a

guide dog. When the dog is 14 months old, it learns many instructions. Then the owner and the dog

meet, and they practice for 4 weeks.

Have I made myself clear? OK, let’s go on visiting.


4.C 【命题立意】考查考生获取事实性具体信息的能力。

【试题解析】由对话中He is in the lab.可知。

5.B 【命题立意】考查考生获取事实性具体信息的能力。

【试题解析】由对话中Would you please buy a wallet for me.可知。

6.A 【命题立意】考查考生获取事实性具体信息的能力。

【试题解析】由对话中I usually study.可知。

11.B 【命题立意】考查考生简单推断的能力。

【试题解析】由对话中You, a general manager可知。

12.A 【命题立意】考查考生简单推断的能力。

【试题解析】由对话中One morning, I found an announcement on my desk.可知。

13.C 【命题立意】考查考生获取事实性具体信息的能力。

【试题解析】由对话中we’re doing a survey on what people prefer to do on holiday.可知。

14.A 【命题立意】考查考生获取事实性具体信息的能力。

【试题解析】由对话中especially if there’s a special exhibition on.可知。

15.B 【命题立意】考查考生获取事实性具体信息的能力。

【试题解析】由对话中I don’t like to stay at home, although my parents do.可知。

16.A 【命题立意】考查考生获取事实性具体信息的能力。

【试题解析】由对话中She loves to visit the coast in the afternoon.可知。

17.A 【命题立意】考查考生获取事实性具体信息的能力。

【试题解析】由独白中In 1918 a doctor and his pet dog walked…可知。

18.B 【命题立意】考查考生获取事实性具体信息的能力。

【试题解析】由独白中Dorothy, an American woman, went to Germany to find out…可知。

19.A 【命题立意】考查考生获取事实性具体信息的能力。

【试题解析】由独白中It takes more than 2 years to train a little dog to be a guide dog.可


20.C 【命题立意】考查考生简单推断的能力。

【试题解析】由独白中Welcome to Guide Dogs Training Center, …OK, let’s go on visiting.


第二部分 阅读理解(共两节, 满分40分)




【语篇解读】 本文是一篇记叙文。本文通过描述87岁的大学生罗斯的故事,告诉了我


21.B【命题立意】 细节理解题。考查考生对具体信息的理解和提取能力。

【试题解析】 第一段前两句:The first day of school our professor introduced himself and

challenged us to get to know someone we didn’t know. I looked round to find a

wrinkled, little old lady with a smile. She said, “Hi, handsome. My name is Rose.the,first,day,of,school,our,professor



【语篇解读】 这是一篇新闻报道,属记叙文题材,介绍了阿根廷通过添加人类基因的方


25.C【命题立意】 主旨大意题。考查考生对文章主旨的概括理解能力。

【试题解析】 根据科技新闻报道的特点,在文章第一段就会出现文章主题句,即Scientists

in Argentina have created the world’s first cow with two human genes that


will enable it to produce human-like milk.即可得出正确结论,故选C。

26.B【命题立意】 词义猜测题。考查考生对上下文的理解及词义的推断能力。

【试题解析】 第四段内容介绍了中国培育了加入一个人类基因的牛可以被认为


27.A【命题立意】 推理判断题。考查考生推理判断的能力。

【试题解析】 女总统的话the scientific institute “makes all Argentines proud”. 说明A正确。


和name after区别即可。be named


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