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1. A. At a car shop. B. In a garage. C. At a gas station. D. In a parking lot.

2. A. Guest and receptionist. B. Passenger and air hostess.

C. Customer and shop assistant. D. Guest and waitress.

3. A. Writing his term paper. B. Having a coffee break.

C. Playing computer games. D. Attending an online school.

4. A. To the bank. B. To a book store. C. To a shoe store. D. To the grocery.

5. A. Touring around. B. Looking for a job. C. Visiting a couple. D. Attending a meeting.

6. A. He's better. B. He's feeling worse.

C. He's sick in bed. D. He has recovered.

7. A. He works as a gardener. B. He is too busy at work to play.

C. He prefers sports to gardening. D. He lives in the countryside.

8. A. Buy a road map. B. Drive to the beach. C. Go back home. D. Ask the way.

9. A. The film was disappointing. B. The leading actor was outstanding.

C. The acting was worth seeing. D. The plot was attractive.

10. A. He is always late for work. B. He is having some financial problem.

C. He is not careful enough with his work. D. He loses his temper easily.

Questions 11 through 13 are based on the following passage.

11. A. At 9: 20 a.m. B. At 8: 54 a.m. C. At 8: 40 a.m. D. At 9: 40 a.m.

12. A. He missed his flight. B. He lost his luggage.

C. He was hungry on the train. D. He had to wait at Preston for 30 minutes.

13. A. To ask the company to give him the reason for the delay.

B. To ask the company to dismiss the train crew.

C. To ask the company to make up for his loss.

D. To ask the company to improve the air conditioning.

Questions 14 through 16 are based on the following passage.

14. A. Share some best-loved recipes. B. Analyze a balanced diet.

C. Promote organic food. D. Dismiss some food myths.

15. A. The author must be loyal viewer of cooking shows.

B. Neither nuts nor animal brains help mental power.

C. Only Chinese are superstitious (迷信) about food power.

D. Americans eat raw eggs because of confidence in their power.

16. A. Never to eat anything raw. B. Never to eat uncooked food before a test.

C. To consume brain food regularly. D. To realize possible dangers in eating raw food.

II. Grammar and Vocabulary (A)

Using harsh (严厉的) words such as “lazy” or “stupid” to insult teenagers is just as harmful ___25___ hitting, according to a new study ___26___(carry) out at the University of Pittsburgh, US.

The study surveyed 976 two-parent families with teenage children. Researchers asked the kids __27___ their behavior problems while questioning parents about how often they had cursed (咒骂) or yelled at their kids.

Nearly half of the parents admitted that they __28___ (shout) at their children in the past year. Researchers noted that the kids ___29__ parents used more harsh words experienced more behavior problems afterwards, including fighting, stealing, lying as well as symptoms of depression .

“Adolescence is a very sensitive period when kids are trying to develop their self-identities. When you yell, it makes them feel they are not capable , that they are worthless and useless,” Wang said. “This may explain __30___ so many parents say that however loud they shout, their teenagers don’t listen.”

___31__ parents need to do is praise their children for good behavior. While harsh yelling can stop bad behavior in the moment, it doesn’t teach children to behave how parents want them to. If parents really need to punish their kids, they should try things like taking away smartphones and reminding them that good behavior will get __32__ back.


Houseplants clean the air and brighten a room. Occasionally, they drive us mad as we wonder how exactly we managed to kill yet another "unkillable" houseplant. But it looks like there's one more great reason to grow houseplants,their presence in your workspace __33__ actually make you smarter.

According to a recent study published in The Journal of Environmental Psychology, just __34__(have) plants in your work space is enough to increase your attention span. An increase in attention span means that we're able to remember more of what we read. __35__(test) the hypotheses(假设), the study's authors gave subjects a Reading Span Task, which requires reading sentence aloud, then __36__(remember) the last word in each sentence. This requires reading, memorization, recalling abilities, and switching between the three. The researchers had all their test subjects complete such Reading Span Tasks ___37___ they can get a baseline reading. Then they moved some of the people to a room with no plants, and others to a room that had four plants around the desk. All of them ___38____(ask) to repeat the Reading Span Tasks, and the people who worked near a plant improved overall, __39__ those without plants stayed roughly the same.

It is beauty, fresh air, the joy of caring for another living thing __40__ make people to have all great reasons to have a few houseplants around.


Since ancient times, education has always been highly regarded in China’s society. One important reason is that education had huge equalizing power.

Kings and emperors didn’t mind filling their courts with people from humble backgrounds, as long as they had __41__ themselves in the Confucian teachings of loyalty, morality, sympathy and justice. In this sense, education was an important path to social mobility, allowing those from the bottom of society in terms 创业精神) and __43__.

In contemporary China, with a __44__ wealth gap and large numbers of young, ambitious people, hopes are higher than ever for education to keep playing this great equalizer role. However, as the cost of education continues to rise and educational resources __45__ gather toward the rich and powerful, many are starting to doubt whether education can still live up to its centuries-old __46__.

Some point out that many young college graduates fail to find jobs just because their families don’t have strong connections to make introductions for them. Meanwhile, those from rich and powerful families go overseas, return with degrees from the most __47__ institutions and continue to be the elite (精英) of their generation.

So, what’s your opinion? Is your education still a great equalizing power in our society?

No, education itself is becoming a privilege(特权). Highly __48__ jobs with the power to change society require an advanced education and other qualifications, and these opportunities are increasingly being taken up by those already in wealth and power. There are glass ceilings everywhere, __49__ the upward paths of many people.

As the number of college graduates has __50__ in recent years, the effectiveness of education has come under doubt. Many college graduates can’t find meaningful jobs that can improve their own and their families’ lives. This is making people lose hope in education.

III. Reading Comprehension

Have you ever picked a job based on the fact that you were good at it but later found it made you feel very uncomfortable over time? When you select your career, there's a lot more to it than assessing your skills and matching them with a particular ___51___. If you ignore your personality, it will hurt you long term ___52___ your skills or the job's pay. There are several areas of your ___53___ that you need to consider to help you find a good job. Here are a few of those main areas:

1)Do you prefer working alone or with other people?

There are isolating jobs that will drive an outgoing person crazy and also ___54___ jobs that will make a shy person uneasy. Most people are not extremes in either direction but do have a ___55___ that they prefer. There are also positions that are sometimes a ___ 56___ of the two, which may be best for someone in the middle who ___57__ easily to either situation.

2)What type of ___58___ do you enjoy?


This can range from being in a large building with a lot of people you won't know immediately to a ___59___ setting where you'll get to know almost all the people there fairly quickly.

3)How do you handle change?

Most jobs these days have some elements of ___60___to them, but some are more than others. If you need a ___61___ life, you may need a job where the changes don't happen so often.Other people would ___62___ the same daily routine.

4)How do you like to ___63___?

Some people are ___64___ by the pay they get, while others feel too stressed to be like that.The variety of payment designs in the sales industry is a typical example for this.

__65__, these are a great starting point for you. It may take you a little longer to make a move to do what you have a passion for , but it can change the course of your life for the better.

51. A. person B. position C. employer D. boss

52. A. regardless of B. due to C. by means of D. in case of

53. A. knowledge B. weakness C. background D. personality

54. A. demanding B. skillful C. interactive D. profitable

55. A. tendency B. technique C. comparison D. decision

56. A. extension B. choice C. description D. combination

57. A. turns B. refers C. adapts D. leads

58. A. work environment B. communication skill C. social background D. life style

59. A. superior B. separate C. smaller D. adaptable

60. A. significance B. danger C. interest D. change

61. A. colorful B. stable C. meaningful D. changeable

62. A. be satisfied with B. be ignorant of C. be responsible for D. be bored of

63. A. get promoted B. be evaluated C. get paid D. be rewarded

64. A. demonstrated B. motivated C. estimated D. sacrificed

65. A. Somewhat B. Therefore C. Anyway D. Furthermore

Section B


In a moment of personal crisis, how much help can you expect from a New York taxi driver? I began studying this question and found the results varied.

One morning I got into three different taxis and announced: “Well, it’s my first day back in New York in seven years. I’ve been in prison.” Not a single driver replied, so I tried again. “Yeah, I shot a man in Reno,” I explained, hoping the driver would ask me why, so I could say casually, “Just to watch him die.” But nobody asked. The only response came from a Ghanaian driver: “Reno? That is in Nevada?”

Taxi drivers were uniformly sympathetic when I said I'd just been fired. “This is America,” a Haitain driver said. “One door is closed. Another is open.” He argued against my plan to burn down my boss’s house. “A Pakistani driver even turned down a chance to profit from my loss of hope: he refused to take me to the middle of the George Washington Bridge, ----a $20 trip. “Why you want to go there? Go home and relax. Don’t worry. Take a new job.”

One very hot weekday in July, while wearing a red ski mask and holding a stuffed pillowcase with the 4

word “BANK” on it, I tried calling a taxi five times outside different banks. The driver picked me up every time. My ride with a Haitian driver was typical of the superb assistance I received.

“Let's go across the park,” I said. “I just robbed the bank there. I got $25,000.”Houseplants,clean,the,air,and

“$25, 000?” he asked.

“Yeah, you think it was wrong to take it?”

“No, man. I work 8 hours and I don’t make almost $70. If I can do that, I do it too.”

As we approached 86th Lexington, I pointed to the Chemical Bank.

“Hey, there’s another bank,” I said, “could you wait here a minute while I go inside?”

“No, I can’t wait. Pay me now.” His reluctance may have had something to do with money—taxi drivers think the rate for waiting time is too low—but I think he wanted me to learn that even a bank robber can't expect unconditional support.Houseplants,clean,the,air,and

66. Form the Ghanaian driver’s response, we can infer that _____.

A. he was indifferent to the killing. B. he was afraid of the author.

C. he looked down upon the author. D. he thought the author was crazy.

67. Why did the Pakistani driver refuse to take the author to the middle of the George Washington Bridge?

A. Because he didn't want to help the author get over his career crisis.

B. Because he wanted to go home and relax.

C. Because it was far away from his home.

D. Because he suspected that the author was going to commit suicide.

68. What is the author’s interpretation of the driver’s reluctance “to wait outside the Chemical bank” ?

A. The driver thought that the rate for waiting time was too low.

B. The driver thought it wrong to support a taxi rider unconditionally.

C. The driver was frightened and wanted to leave him as soon as possible.

D. The driver wanted to go home and relax.

69. What does the passage mainly discuss?

A. How to please taxi riders. B. How to deal with taxi riders.

C. The attitudes of taxi drivers towards the taxi riders in personal trouble.

D. The attitudes of taxi drivers towards violent criminals.

第二篇:《八年级英语下册 unit2测试题 冀教版》

八年级英语Book 4 Unit 2 (Revision)

一. 范文


1 The ground must be just right -- neither too wet nor too

dry. It's best to plant trees in spring because it's warmer.

2 Dig a hole large enough for the tree. But the hole should not be too deep.

3 Knock a long, strong stick into the earth next to the hole. Make sure that it is straight.

4 Put the tree in the hole so that it is straight.

5 Put the earth back in the hole again. Push it down hard with your foot several times.

6 Tie the tree to the top of the stick to keep it straight. 7 Water it well, as often as possible

2. Why are plants important

I know why plants are so important for us.

There are many plants around us. And we can't live without

plants. Do you know why? Let me tell you. Plants help clean the air and it is pleasant to walk among the trees. We also can get the food from plants. Such as apples, oranges and so on. Corn, wheat and rice are all plants, too. We can make and build things with trees -- like chairs, beds and houses! We can sit under a tree in the shade in summer. Plants cover the soil. Plants stop wind and water from carrying the soil away. All plants take energy from the sun and make it into food. People and other animals need food to live. So we need plants. Plants are very important.

二. 词汇

1. Do you think it is p_________ to keep a pet?

2. A few famous s___________in the world will visit our city

next month. They can give us some useful advice on how to make our city more beautiful and cleaner.

3. It’s important fo us to p___________ the animals.

4. Without a way to get energy, all palnts will d________.

5. You can’t become better without taking some m__________.

6.The stem__________ (支撑) the leaves and flowers in the sun

7.Has the seed ______ ______ (长成)a bud?

8.He cat is much____________(漂亮)than that one.

9.Would you please _________________ (照看)my pet while I am away? 10.Keep the window _________ (close ).It’s cold outside

11.The two boys had a _______________ (令人愉快的) trip two weeks ago. 12. We use plants _____ (make)food. 13. I have a lot of books _________ (read).

14. _________ her eyes full of tears(眼泪) when she heard the bad news?

15. He went to school without ___________(have )breakfast.

16. The little baby can’t look after ________________(自己).

17. What bright ______________(阳光) it is!

18. Tell me the ____________(原因) why you are late.

19. The sun is so hot. Please put the flower


20. The man is very fat. He’s over 200 _____________(千克).

21. Agriculture is about__________(种植) plants and__________ (饲养)animals for food.

22. We use wood from trees to build houses and ________________(家具).

23. Look! Our English teacher is standing a__________ some students.

24. The sun gives us light and h__________.

25. Pandas like eating b___________ very much.

26. Have you __________ (feed ) the chickens?

27. Look! The __________(叶子)on the tree have turned green. It’s spring now.

28. Would you please __________(借) me the marker?

29. Would you like _________ (借)some books from the library?

Yes, I’d like to, but I _______(借)them for a week.

30. Danny is _________(讨论)the sunrise and sunset with his classmates.


1.Every tree has a lot of pipes(管子) . The roots use some of the pipes ________ water to the leaves.


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