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提示词:not feel well, a bad cold ,stay in bed, can’t go to school ,ask for a day’s sick leave, get well soon.


I’m sorry to tell you that______________________________________ __________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________ Thank you!

Yours, Liu Jun 作文2




__________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________ 作文3


Dear Mary,

Thanks for telling me about your problem,________________________ __________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________ Best Wishes!






__________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________ 作文5


Dear Alieen,

I’m sorry to hear that you have some problem._____________________ __________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________ 作文6


注意:1. 80词左右(开头和结尾已给出的内容不计入总词数);




Dear Stephen,

I am writing to tell you about my problem with my teacher.I don’t know how to deal with it and would like your help.

__________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

What shall I do? Can you offer me some suggestions? I am looking forward to your early reply.


Li Hua



__________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________ 作文8

你一定浏览过许多地方,总有一些景致让你记忆犹新,那么请写一篇题为“The Place I Have Ever Been to”的短文,要求写出地点、风景特点及你喜欢它的原因,70词左右。

__________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________



Unit 1 (P6)

Alice and Alan, Gina, Tony, and Julie are friends. But they have different problems. Alice is tired. She should go to bad early, and she shouldn't go to the party tonight. And Alan may cut his knee, so he should put a bandage on it, and he shouldn't play soccer. Gina has a nosebleed, she should put her head back, and she shouldn't jump up and down. Tony hurt his leg playing basketball so he should go to the hospital and get an X-ray, but he shouldn't walk to the hospital. Julie has a toothache so that she should brush her teeth every day ,and she shouldn't eat candy before sleep. Unit 2 (P13)

你们学校将要与一所贫困地区的学校(a school in the poor area)开展手拉手活动,学校团委提出了以下几种活动方案:1捐款学习用品2假期去做志愿者3邀请他们来学校参观并到家里做客4通过书信的方式交朋友 请从中选择你最喜欢的一种活动方式,并说明你将怎么去做?

Helping others is great

提出)activities hand in hand with a school in the poor area. Our headmaster called on each of us to give the poor a hand, all the teachers and students take part in the big activity, everyone did their best to offer their help to the poor.

Different people use different ways. Some of them gave away their school things, but most of them joined the school volunteer project to help the students in the poor school. What's more, some students even invited the poor students to their home and showed them around their school, the rest students make friends with the poor by writing letters.

Generally speaking, each of us has given help in our own way. We all hope that we can make the poor's lives better, we are happy because we helped them, And at the same time we also got great happiness.

Unit 3 (P19)和好朋友吵架英语作文

We did a survey about doing chores in our class. Here are results.

Frank and Lucy like doing chores. Frank often sweeps the floor and take the dog for a walk at home. And he thinks doing chores can develop children’s independence. It can also helps us to understand the idea of fairness. Lucy usually folds the clothes for herself and make the bed. She thinks we can learn to look after ourselves by doing chores.

But Bob doesn’t like doing chores. Sometimes he helps her mother takeout rubbish. So he thinks there is no need for us to do chores and we should spend time on our study.

I agree with Frank and Lucy. And at home I often do the dishes after meals and clean the living room. I think we should do more chores t our spare time. It can help us to understand our parents and it also give us a good chance for proper communication with our parents. Unit 4 (P26)


E: Hey, Alice. What’s wrong?

A: I had a fight with my best friend. What should I do?

E: Well, you could write him a letter.

A: I don’t think so, although it’s a good idea. I’m not good at writing a letter.

E: Maybe you could call him up.

A: No, I don’t want to talk about it on the phone.


E: But you really should say sorry to him.

A: Yes, I should. But it’s not easy.

E: Oh, there is going to be basketball game tonight. Why don’t you take him to the ball game? A: Yeah, you are right. Thank you!和好朋友吵架英语作文和好朋友吵架英语作文

Unit 5 (P32)


When the light went out at eight o’clock yesterday evening, my family were doing different things. My father was watching a basketball game on TV. And he’s going to watch the news on his mobile phone later. My mother was read a book about animal on the sofa. And she’s going to call her good friends. My sister was playing the piano in her room. But then she had to stop to play with her pet dog. What about me? Oh, at that time I was playing computer games. But I had to stop and have a rest.


My Weekend

Last weekend was busy for me. On Saturday I went to the old people’s home. I helped the old people do chores. And I chat with them happily. Then we went to the Children’s Hospital to visit the sick kids. We told stories to cheer them up. They laughed and laughed and we all felt happy.

Last Sunday I went to play football on the playground at our school with my classmates. But it suddenly rained heavily. I hurt myself playing soccer. Then we went to the hospital. Luckily, it was not bad. The doctor gave me some medicine and they brought me home. And I felt a little sad.







Jack is my friend. He likes playing computer games very much. He often sits in the same way for too long without moving. Now he has a headache, sore eyes and a sore back. He doesn’t sleep well at night, so he feels tired every day.

I think he should take breaks away from the computer. He shouldn’t use the computer for a long time. He should do eye exercises to relax his eyes and go to bed early at night.

I think if he has a good rest, he will feel well soon.


假设你是Emma,你的笔友Josh给你写了一封电子邮件,向你倾诉他在家里的一些烦恼。请根据来信和提示,给Josh回一封电子邮件。先说说你的看法,再给出建议,并适当发挥。 提示:1.内容要点:(1)看法:在父母看来,我们仍是孩子;父母这样做是为了保护我们。




Dear Josh,

Thanks for your e-mail. I have ever had the same experience. I even had a fight with my see this. To them, we are still children and they want to protect us.

Sometimes, it's hard for you to talk to your parents. Here's an idea: Write your mother and father a letter. In the letter, tell your parents what you are thinking about. Then maybe they will understand you better. After your parents read the letter, try to talk to them. In your free time, you'd better do something you can to help your parents. For example, you can help your parents with some housework.

What's more, you can describe your friends to your parents and tell them more about you and your life.

I hope this helps!



The other week I had a bitter quarrel with one of my roommates. Six of us live in small room about eight square meters, desperate for more space.

Weeks ago, one of my roommates brought in a very large suitcase and placed it under her bed, but days later she (he) found something wrong with her (his) suitcase. As we live on the ground floor, her case soon got wet. She took it out and, after drying it up, she/he just put it on her desk because she had no other choices. I happened to be opposite her desk and her suitcase was so large that it not only occupied the whole of her desk but half of mine as well. I was very much annoyed, so I angrily pushed it forward without first talking to her about it. I pushed a bit too hard and the case fell off her desk, messing up everything it contained. On seeing this, she flew into a temper and angrily shouted at me. The quarrel started and lasted about two hours.

When I calmed down days later, I thought over the quarrel and began to see something. I should have talked to her about it first and then worked with her to find a solution to the problem. Living in a room with limited space, we should learn to get on well with one another.



I had a big argument with my good friend yesterday because of the baseball teams.During the break time,we argument about which team is the best in the league big.I thought it is yangqi and he thought it is redsocks.After the argument,he went of to say goodbye to me and close the door loudly.I was so angry with him.

写和同学吵架的英语作文3篇文章写和同学吵架的英语作文3篇出自still didn't ta 写和同学吵架的英语作文3篇来自to me during the next break time.He didn't even look at me.I started to feel sad because he is my best friend.When it was time to go home I asked him if he wanted to go with me as usual.He looked at me with a strange look and still turned away.But this time,he did say goodbye to me quietly.

In the end,while I was watching TV the phone ring.It was him and he said he was sorry about what he did,he felt childish.I said never mind we are still good friends.Now I feel much better I hope we won't argument any more.


Weeks ago I witnessed the quarrel between my two roommates. It shocked me the two good friends fired out just for a very trifling matter. It was in the morning at weekend when I was washing my face in the bathroom. Suddenly I heard Ann and Sue shouting at each other. I hurried to come out to see what happened. It turned out that the noise of Sue’s closing the door waked Ann, whose bed is just beside the door. Ann thought Sue deliberately closed the door heavily. Sue didn’t have made her fault and said Ann was making trouble out of nothing. So their argument became ambits of quarrel. Though later they stopped quarreling under our persuasion, neither of them would like apologize to the other.


Such a quarrel leaves me to think a lot about dormitory harmony. If either Ann or Sue can be a little tolerant or take a better way to express herself, this quarrel, I think, can be avoided easily. It is no doubt that a harmony dormitory life benefits all the members. But it needs our common efforts to build it.



在一次午睡的时候,我正要上床时,何晋拿着一根电线向我走过来。 啪 的一声,他用电线打了我的腿。当时,他并没有向我道歉而只是笑了笑就马上逃走了。 何晋你是故意的,我要告诉老师听! 告就告呗,我才不怕那个死人付老师呢! 当时把我气得无话可说,我说: 我要跟你中断。 说完,我便爬上床呼呼大睡起来。

到了下午,何晋向我走过来,对我说: 我们和好吧。 我一声没说便躲开了。 不和好就不和好,我还懒得和你和好呢。 他说。 最好,我才不想跟你这样可恶的朋友玩。 他又说: 人家一片好心,你不接受就算了。有种你就永远别跟我和好。

夜幕降临,我们上完晚自习,就上床睡觉了。何晋再次对我说: 我们和好吧,邱极烨。 你不仅是故意的,而且还没说对不起。 那我现在对你说对不起行了吧。 说完,他便大声地对我说 对不起。 行了没? 现在心情舒畅多了,心想:多一个朋友总是最好的。我犹豫了一会儿,接受了他的道歉,并且跟他和好了。







星期四早上,小明在学校门口等我,他说:「对不起,我前几天误会了你。我找到了我的那枝笔。那天,你的笔滚到地上了,我以为是我的,所以就捡起来放在笔盒里。你可以原谅我吗? 本文来自高考资源网你我虽然是好朋友,但老师都说过无论是谁也不能包庇,这种行为是不对的! 哼,我今天就要和你绝 交!

绝就绝! 之后我们就互不理睬,还互相说坏话。我们整个下午都像一只小青蛙一样,鼓着一肚子气。到了放学时,不知怎么了,突然很想向她道歉,就情不自禁的跑去找她,见到她只后,我马上说: 对不起。 令人奇怪的是,我们竟异口同声地说出口。接着我们就忍不住大笑起来了。这样我们又没事了。说真的,我们八年的友情不是说没就没的!





我刚才那股怒气不知怎么回事,一下子全都像洪水似的奔涌出来了: 不知道怎么做,真是笨死了 训斥他一顿。他呆呆地望着我,然后,抬起头来,看了我一眼,眼神里充满了委屈,他一下子冲出了我房间的门。我心一惊,心想,他会不会不理我了?我为什么说他?不就是向我请教一道数学题嘛,至于吗?真不应该呀!


2004年10月,我写了一封信给他。三天后,他回了信,告诉我,他早忘了,我们还是朋友。还奉上了一首诗和一只小狗挂具,并祝我学习进步。那首诗是 杜少府之任蜀州 城阙辅三秦,风烟望五津。与君离别意,同是宦游人。海内存知已,天涯若比邻。无为在歧路,儿女共沾巾。 这诗我一直牢记在心。












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